Julie Nolen on the music:


"Wrong" is more of an explanation for why some people fight - because they're both wrong but they're too proud to admit it. This can relate to personal relationships to family relationships to even countries at war sometimes. But after seeing a couple of friends put aside all their pride and just admit that they're both wrong, I wrote this as a testament to their compromise. Sometimes we're wrong.


Crazy world we're living in no one seems to be giving in
no one knows where we've been no one knows where we are.
No one wants to be let down no one wants to be led around
no one wants to be found but the middle ain't that far.
Something we don't understand start a war
just jump right in something's there to defend all alone.
Halfway through we're not sure why we're still here
standing by suffocate our cries baby please come home.
Sometimes you, you are wrong Sometimes me, I'm am wrong
But where we stand is common ground
Sometimes we are wrong Saw you staring back at me
neither one knew where we'd be few years down the road
we'd see how far we've come. Sticks and stones have been thrown
standing in pieces of our home here I am all alone it's so cumbersome.
Pride is more than a deadly sin its the stone that's done us
in both of us just want to win but there's no prize.
I'm so tired of racking my brain figuring out who's to blame let's compromise.
Simple relationship turned into a complicated mess.
Maybe we should just be friends, forget our worries and be content.
That which doesn't destroy me think how much stronger
that I'll be buying my time till I'm free my life's on hold.
Never knew how far I fell until I'm sitting inside my cell
never knew hell could be this cold.
All our hang ups all our lies come on baby let's put them aside
together we'll be alright there'll be no harm.
Nothing here better to do than think about holding you
when this day is through I want to be in your arms.

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)