What You Don't Know


 Songwriter's Note by Terry Dossey: This is another song that I had a little fun writing by including the person it was about unwittingly into the songwriting process.  I went to lunch with my young, pretty assistant who was crying over a breakup. We sat at our usual spot, and as I tried to comfort her I got to thinking how much I'd miss her when she graduated.  So, at lunch, with just a guitar and on the back of a napkin, I wrote this about her.  I never told her.

Here I am waiting at our special place
Got your favorite table by the wall.
Anytime now you'll come walking through that door
with that look I know so well.
I've seen it all before.
There you are,candlelight soft in your eyes.
Thought by now you'd realize, but not you.
You tell me about your latest friend,
how she went and broke you're heart.
I'll just hear it all again.
What you don't know is how terribly I need you.
How it hurts me so to see you
just throw you're love away.
What you don't know is as ancient as the ages,
it could fill a thousand pages.
What you don't know...
Look at us, known each other all these years.
Through all the laughter and the tears.
You know me better than I know myself
so why am I holding you while you hurt for someone else.
If I told you that I love you, would you walk right out of my life?
I'd be crazy God help meto risk forever for just one night.
Here I am...

(Dossey 1992)