Stand There and Look Pretty
Julie Nolen on the music:

"Stand There and Look Pretty" is a song that basically came out of my frustration of being treated like just another good voice and cute face. The best I ever felt about my music was when people started listening to my words and commenting on them. This song is just a final "adios" per se to an old acquaintance that thought he knew how to run my career. Stand there and look pretty, baby.


Met me when I was just seventeen;
treated me like you’d treat a queen.
One problem with this monarchy.
Didn’t see through your pretty little scheme.
To you I was just your little trophy.
Then I got wind of your boasting.
Pretty little drape on your arm.
Held her own little coup d’etat.
Who needs words when you got the look.
No expanding your mind, no reading no books.
Just like to watch the way you walk.
Pretty little thing like you don’t need to talk.
Fast forward to a few months ago, oh look at who's in control.
Saw you working it on the street.
You told me I still look seventeen.
Asked if I could come and sit for a spell,
I remember how you treated me so well.
Yeah baby I remember those days.
But I remember how I sent you away.
Always saying sweet lies you’re always playing the game.
Nothing new coming out of your mouth boy you got no shame.
Before your pretty little smirk goes south
I gotta tell you boy shut your mouth.

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)