Julie Nolen on the music:


"Rome" is basically an apology written into a song. We've all been apologetic for one thing or another. This song reflects a period in my life where I needed to apologize to a few people and to myself. Many thanks to David Webb for creating the same emotion through his keys.

I write this damn song cause it’s the only thing I can do.
To say what’s needed so I can look back at you.
I’ve never been so sorry for anything that I’ve done.
Hurt too many birds with one careless stone.
Cause Rome has fallen, fallen hard today.
Time to build it back up again but in a different way.
Not looking for your sympathy, I wouldn’t waste your time.
Just want to be able to look you back in the eyes.
Cause Rome has fallen, paradise passed me by.
Lied to myself with a blind man’s eyes.
Looked at myself in the mirror and took my time.
Everyone knows what I’ve done, no one’s seen me cry.
When I’m up on this stage I seem to let my guard down.
I can tell all my stories, no matter how hard.
I guess I’ve been a performer for all of my life.
When I’m back down on earth it's so hard to draw the line In your eyes

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)