I Don’t Know Why


Reminiscing’s not really my style
But waking up to your gorgous smile
Man I haven’t seen that in quite awhile

Yesterday was so damn tough
We’ve never hurt each other so much
Why can’t love be enough

In the mirror I see your reflection
In your eyes I see the connection
All we need is a little more affection

After work we silently suffer
Instead of reaching out for each other
Silence remains under the covers

Ch So hold me hold me hold me hold me
Hold me hold me hold me hold me

I don’t know why (x6)
Our loves never enough for the two of us to survive

Got your letter in the mail today
Memorized it all page by page
Hoping the words would just fade away

When we were sitting by the fireplace
Did you even feel the same blaze
Or did you wake up and not feel the same

Ch repeat

Only one thing tarnishing our love/ we cannot trust
No sense in polishing the rust/ it’ll never shine like it once was