Dropped you off at that greyhound station
well I know I promised that I wouldn't cry
but then you turned back around and you smiled so sweetly
that's when my promise became a lie
well damn you for coming back over
and laying your precious head on my shoulder
well damn me for not being that strong
but then I feel you sigh and I guess I'm not the only one.
One more kiss to say goodbye One more laugh will make me cry
One more touch will bring me to my knees One more kiss is so bittersweet.
All my life I've never relied on anyone else
but you bring out the best in me guess it's my dumb luck
or my fucking karma that shortly after you decided to leave
well my whole body my heart and my soul want to pull you just a little bit closer
but my whole heart my mind and my soul fear that that will make you run just a little bit further
I've never written a love song before don't think this counts but its all I know.
When you love someone you gotta let them go.
Come day break we deal with our own sorrows.
Driving back from that greyhound station
well I think of you as I look to the sky
seeing all those stars and their constellations
but I know there's some still up there hiding
well you're like a star way up high to far away for me
to see but I know you're out there somewhere
lying awake and I wonder if you're thinking of me

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)