Baby I know its been hard since we’ve been apart sometimes even I’m not so sure
But then I hear your voice and it reminds me of all those memories we shared.
Tough decision that one of us has to make been this way for sometime.
Neither one of us wants to say the words guess I’ll be the bad guy this time.
Who are you to tell me what makes you so angry at me?
Time has never been on our side its time to say the words of goodbye.
Its not really fair for you not to be there when I need you most.
And there’s been some nights all you wanna do is hold me tight but all we do is fight.
You don’t know what you’re fighting for I don’t know what I’m fighting for maybe we should just say goodbye.
All I know is I don’t wanna go without seeing you smile I know right now you’re really hurt by me but I hope one day you will look back & see.
That I’m hurting as much as you are but neither one of us can take this anymore.

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)