Dixie Cup


Sitting on my porch in the early morning light
Smoking my cigarettes from late last night
Sipping champagne from a dixie cup
After last night got no where to go but up
In my cowboy hat, I gotta start again
Everything alright oh mama don’t know where to begin
Yesterday so sad didn’t know what to do
Beginning today I gotta start anew
Grabbed my hat and put my new boots on
Told my papa gotta get so daddy I’m gone
Woke up today with a grin on my face
Brand new sunlight, shining on me so bright.
Blink my eyes twice man I’ll be alright
Yesterday’s the past,
All I got’s today I gotta make it last
Don’t know where I am only know where I’ve gone
Now I know right cause all I’ve done’s been wrong
Choosing the path where only few have been
Hoping the sun will burn away all of my sins
In the new light I gotta start again
Everything’s alright cause now I know where to begin

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)