Julie Nolen on the music:


"Coming Undone" was written at several different times in my life and those pieces just seemed to fit together. Who doesn't feel like they're life is coming undone every once and awhile? I wrote the chorus during one of those times. But a few months later I met my best friend Eric's first born son and a crazy old man downtown that both seemed to be connected in a strange way. They both made me realize that revolution does have to start with only one. You have to make the decision to change.


Held my friend's first born today.
Blue eyes look at me in a wondering way.
Little face tells me he expects me to know.
What the world for him will surely hold.
Well, little one even I don't know.
No secrets can I unfold.
Open eyes to whatever may come.
It's the only way to truly see the sun.
Well I feel so old today Life keeps chiseling away
I think back to when I was young.
And I feel like I am coming undone.
Trying to get ready for my day.
Time seems to be wasting away.
Passing by the welfare line.
Blue eyed old man asks for my time.
And he says Revolution is sure to come.
But it has to start with only one.
Two dimes may make you gold.
But I need one to keep out the cold.
Now that man has those two dimes of mine.
Good luck with gold, lord knows I tried.
Revolution is sure to come.
Starts with me and my blue eyed godson.

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)