Already Said Goodbye


Songwriter's note by Terry Dossey:  One of my favorite things to do is to write a song about someone, enlisting their help without them knowing the song is about them.  This is a song I wrote about one of my former bandmates who was in a pretty bad emotional state at the time.  I imagined the worst for  her, then got her to sing it.  After it was done, I told her it was about her.  :)

She sits at a table and waits for his call
Sometimes it comes real late, sometimes not at all
She doesn’t need to hear, what she sees in his eyes
He’s already said goodbye

She pours herself a strong one, And softly starts to cry
She doesn’t understand him, No matter how she trys
He tells her he loves her , Believing his own lies
He’s already said goodbye

Oh oh oh she loves him
Don’t ask her why
So oh oh oh she cries

He hasn’t called by midnight
She’s not thinking clear
She lights a dozen candles
And cries her final tears


The note blows off the table, the candle burns no more
An empty glass of whiskey, lies broken on the floor
The phone continues ringing, she’ll never know he tried
Cause she’s already said goodbye