You may say by my words that I’m bitter
but I can tell you that I never been happier
You told me last week you were outta my life for good
I’m telling you this week
Thanks for making my life easier than before
Three days after you left me for another girl
now you’re telling me you’re not too sure about her
Begging me please baby I was stupid for leaving
Its only a matter of time
before you start with the same old sweet lies
I can always read what’s on your mind
when I see that same old devil in your eyes
Now that I’ve been burned three times
I’ll never fall for your same old lines
Some of my friends say you’ve made me jaded
but my dreams of love have never faded
Never let a man like you disillusion me
once followed love so blindly
Now I’m a lot less naïve
how a queen like me should be treated
You’ll never know what you wasted until its gone
now you’re learning that hard lesson
of how you’ve been treating me wrong

(Nolen/Dossey 2002)